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established in 1998

Initially intended to research, develop and produce ophthalmology treatments and dermatological products Mimonco today is known worldwide for its diverse skincare and haircare products 

Over the years Mimonco has grown into a global group of companies whose products which mostly manufactured in the middle east are marketed and sold in 7 countries around the world 

MimonCo implements strict quality control and strict high standards

Fresh Philosophy Skincare Brand

Reducing wrinkles Treat pimples Cleansing the skin and pores from dirt and excess oil
Removing the dead skin cells renews the rate and formation of newly formed cells and makes the skin look more even smooth and healthy Lighten skin slightly and give an even skin appearance Protecting the skin from the climatic hazards of the environment such as free radicals grows healthy and youthful skin cells - Antiseptic and antimicrobial action


Marine Haircare Brand

Nourishing hair care products enriched with unique minerals from the sea This series is the result of a particularly long and complex research process that has led to the development of a revolutionary formula that allows harnessing the power of the ocean to enrich your hair


Yuko Professional Brand

YUKO Hair Straightening is the internationally patented system recognized worldwide as Japanese Hair Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning

YUKO, together with Phiten, developed the specialized process that has proven itself as the envy of the hair industry. Each step of the procedure is tailored to recondition, protect and maintain the health of the hair. Wavy, curly, kinky, no matter how unmanageable the hair is, YUKO will leave the hair luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine


iKoo HairCare Brand

Proprietary in design and ergonomic in shape, ikoo home detangle brushes use an innovative two-tiered bristle architecture to gently massage the scalp and detangle with ease
Painted in glossy, saturated shades

our metallic collection is perfect for anyone who isn’t afraid of a little color and attitude


NOVO NAQA SkinCare Brand

Secret formulas of Cleopatra from ancient Egypt naqa milk contains main nutrition groups: amino acid, protein, carbohydrates, and fat
naqa milk is designed to satisfy all the needs of the camel cub in the desert and it is very rich in nourishing ingredients
naqa milk is a very rich in supplement for your skin – emphasis on the amino acid naqa milk gives high moisture and keeps your skin moist for a long time
naqa milk sour a little and creates lactic acid that acts as a natural peeling and regenerates the skin cells naturally thanks to the natural ingredients of the naqa milk
Our naqa milk originates from an organic farm under close veterinary supervision and with the approval of the Ministry of Health

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