Youth Moisturizer

Moisturizing cream is based on a concentrated extract of a rich variety of ingredients, Keeps moist skin, with a thick texture that leaves a matte finish.

Enriched with jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, vitamin E acetate, and sodium hyaluronate

Suitable for all skin types.


Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the fluid that bathes joints, in the vitreous humor of the eye, and the skin. It's abundant in the dermis of young skin, but levels of this important compound decline with age. This makes skin look older. Sodium hyaluronate gives skin volume by holding onto water and as levels decline with age, skin loses its youthful fullness. As an anti-aging treatment, dermatologists inject it into the dermis of the skin to restore facial fullness in areas where volume is lost. Sodium hyaluronate is the main ingredient in Restylane, an injectable filler used to treat loss of facial volume and wrinkles. It has other medical applications as well. Hyaluronic acid doesn't easily penetrate the skin when it's applied topically, so it is most successful when injected into the dermis of the skin through fillers like Restylane. This is due to its large size. Sodium hyaluronate is smaller than hyaluronic acid and can move more freely into the deeper layers of the skin. This is an advantage since sodium hyaluronate is a powerful humectant that attracts and holds on to water, making it the ultimate skin moisturizer. This helps to hydrate skin and keep it moist and supple. Because it attracts and binds to water, it causes slight swelling. This swelling helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin a more youthful appearance. In addition, the subtle swelling increases volume, which makes the skin look younger.


Jojoba is a versatile, purely natural oil that helps the skin with deep hydration. Our skin is made up of natural wax esters (called sebum) which locks in moisture to keep the skin looking healthy and hydrated. As we age this sebum production begins to decrease, meaning fine lines, dry skin, and sagging start to occur. The Jojoba plant produces wax esters identical to our very own sebum1. If you compare the molecule structures of Jojoba wax esters and human skin sebum, there is an identical double bond. This means that jojoba mimics our skin's natural oils and can mimic the natural wax sebum activity.


Wheatgerm Oil is a nutritiously packed vegetable oil that is believed to have many health benefits. It contains in particular oleic and linoleic acids which are soothing for the skin.

Wheatgerm oil is derived from wheat germ, which is considered the "heart" of wheat since it's found at the center of the wheat berry. It feeds the wheat plant with nutrients to help it germinate and grow. Wheat germ is the most nutritious component of the wheat kernel and contains 23 different nutrients, including protein, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and calcium. The oil is also nutrient-packed, which makes it particularly well-suited to moisturizing and soothing your skin.


Grapeseed oil is a byproduct of winemaking. After the wine is made by pressing grapes, grape seeds are left behind. Grapeseed oil is extracted from these leftover grape seeds. Grapeseed oil is used as a natural beauty product.

Grapeseed oil is high in omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial to skin function and appearance. And omega-6 fatty acids are necessary for skin barrier functioning. The main omega-6 PUFA in grapeseed oil is linolenic acid. It moisturizes skin, lightens skin, and tightens pores.

Grapeseed oil doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. and doesn't clog pores, it's ideal for all skin types, including oily skin that needs moisturizing.

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