About Us

This is a story about a young boy who dared to dream far beyond anyone's expectations. Growing up, Mr. Avi Mimon, Founder & CEO of Mimon cosmetics remembers vividly how at the age of 14 he cut his sister's hair, & dreamed of big success. A few years later, he landed in New York City, with no knowledge of English, & no other support but his God-given talent with hair. He rented a chair at a hair salon & pretty soon clients started insisting on the new "Hair Whisperer".After more than a decade as a luxurious salon owner on 5th avenue, NYC, Avi returned to Israel to bring the fantastic hair straightening solutions of the Yuko system, & revolutionized the Israeli hair industry.
Now a new challenge was on his mind: to find custom solutions for Mediterranean & Middle Eastern hair, subject to heat & humidity from the sea & desert. His solution was to utilize the sea's healing advantages to maximize moisture, glow & texture with products available & the best-kept stylist secrets in the industry.
Due to the high standard of living and the international character of Israel, the demand for exclusive hair salons, designers, and top-class products is extraordinarily high and disproportionate to the size of the country. Despite the global economic climate, women in Israel are investing a great deal of their time and money in their beauty – especially their hairstyles. It is this market potential that Avi Mimon identified in 2003 and has been nurturing ever since. Out of a total of some 5,000 hair salons throughout the country, 500 are full A-class and another 1,000 B-class. These establishments and their hair designers are serviced with dedication and care by the Mimon Cosmetics team by their supply, instruction, and assistance in some of the world's most exclusive hair products.
Avi Mimon
Founder and Chairman
Mr. Mimon is the founder and the dynamic source of energy that has brought the company to occupy its current strong market position.
Starting in hair design at the age of 14, he began developing art as a career shortly afterward.
His thirst for big-time hair styling took him to New York at the age of 24, where 4 years later he opened an exclusive salon at 39 West 56th Street.
Mr. Mimon built up a sizeable and loyal clientele; the salon thrived and grew for 5 years until he returned to Israel to create Mimon Cosmetics Ltd.