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advanced hair restoration shampoo

advanced hair restoration shampoo

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An advanced hair restoration shampoo
A gentle, nourishing daily shampoo to restore & care for hair

A gentle shampoo that is also suitable for hair that has undergone chemical treatments such as coloring, lightening, or straightening. Deeply nourishes the hair and helps close ends. Gives a healthy, full & radiant appearance
Instructions for use:

Apply a generous amount, massage from the scalp towards the edges, and rinse with lukewarm water. For optimal results, it is recommended to complete the shampooing with Marin's nourishing mask.

Pro tip:

At each wash, it is recommended to massage the scalp for at least a minute. Increasing blood flow through this massage will encourage hair growth and strengthen the hair root.


1,000 ml – Family size
400 ml – For home
100 ml - To go


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