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Oleo - Ultimate Hydration

Oleo - Ultimate Hydration

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Oleo - Hair Serum

Gives hair a luminous, luxurious & professional finish


The serum is very rich in both keratins derived from seaweed and various minerals from deep oceans. Great for restoring dry, damaged, and dyed hair. Contains unique oil compounds that nourish the hair and give it a luminous and luxurious appearance.

Instructions for use:

Apply a generous amount to dry or wet hair and style as usual. When using special emphasis should be placed on the ends of the hair. For optimal results, it is recommended to shampoo with Marine Shampoo.

Pro tip:

Even the best serum cannot heal broken and split hair. Therefore, to maintain healthy and strong hair, it is recommended to trim the split ends of hair every 2 months.


50 ml – for home and on the go

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