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Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing Cream

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Hair moisturizer 

A non-rinse moisturizer for all hair types.

Improves hair texture, moisturizes, and protects it.


Thanks to our unique formula, this moisturizer envelops and nourishes your hair deeply and continuously. The result is soft, shiny hair with fewer split ends and no static electricity. Leaves no feeling of heaviness or oiliness and is suitable for daily use. Especially recommended for designing perfect curls.

Instructions for use:

Apply a generous amount to dry, damp, or wet hair and style as usual. It is not advisable to comb or brush the hair after using the cream. Recommended for use before going out in the sun to protect hair from damage from the Israeli climate.

Pro tip:

For perfect curls, wrap small or large groups of hair, (according to the desired curl size) on the fingers, and release. For more closed curls and inflated in hair, avoid applying cream near the roots of the hair.


400 ml - Home

100 ml - To go

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