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The iKoo brush is innovative and completely different from any brush you've ever known. Beyond the beautiful minimalist design, it has an innovative structure that upgrades the combing to the experience of a stimulating massage for the scalp according to the principles of Chinese medicine.

The Aiko brush unravels knots in the hair but also stimulates the energy lines (meridians), thanks to the ergonomic design, the iKoo brush is perfectly adapted to the palm of your hand so that the pressure is evenly distributed on the scalp.

The brush massages the scalp and meridian lines at several points simultaneously and makes brushing a wellness experience.

The beautiful design of the iKoo brush is designed to perfectly address its functionality. The unique approach of Aiko brushes lies in the structure and arrangement of the bristles. Unlike other brushes, the bristle flexibility allows the brush to unravel knots in the hair without pulling or tearing the hair.  On the other hand, the bristles are stable enough to effectively handle even extremely dense knots.  The Aiko brush is made of handmade acrylic and Razin and is equipped with a rubber frame to prevent slipping and ease of grip. We consciously chose not to use wood and fibers from natural hair, so that we can precisely control the elasticity of the fibers and for maximum durability and ease of use. The choice of clays makes Aiko brushes easy to clean, and are designed to last without abrasion for years. The curves of the iKoo brush fit perfectly into the palm, indiscriminate, both right and left.

The iKoo brush is associated with combing and unraveling knots easily and painlessly, but there are other advantages to combing the "smart brush". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is possible to influence organs in the body through special pressure points. Several pressure points with similar properties form an energy line called a meridian

Along it flows the qi energy - which Chinese medicine believes to be unconscious but useful energy. Due to the pressures of the modern work environment, the qi energy concentrates on blockages in the head and neck area and is felt as an oppressive pressure. Scalp massage relieves these stresses and provides well-being to those who sit in front of a computer monitor most of the day.

Experts in Chinese medicine recommend daily brushing with iKoo as a scalp massage as part of a holistic therapeutic regimen. Aiko provides a practical substitute for such daily care, without scheduling appointments and wasting money or time.

And the bonus: the side effect of using iKoo is to soothe the facial muscles, which prevents wrinkles from forming and contributes to a more youthful appearance.

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