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Daily Piling Soap

Daily Piling Soap

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The purpose of using our exfoliating soap is to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. It also cleanses the skin of dirt and opens the pores of the skin to fully express the visual changes of the Fresh Philosophy Youth Lift, Moisturizer and Booster Serum.

The peeling process is gentle, it is a mechanical peeling using small crystal particles that actually exfoliate the surface of the dead skin.


The exfoliation process of dead skin cells from the upper layer of skin accumulates normally and naturally in our skin. New skin cells regenerate in our deep layer of skin and push the top layer up while the upper layers age and die. Our skin is renewed every 28 days. As we get older the process is not as effective as it was when we were young the use of exfoliating soap is good for smoother and silkier skin.


A few notes that we should pay attention to:

If the user has comedones (black milk spots), or pimples, she should first treat before using the daily exfoliating soap.

Also - in cases of delicate skin it is recommended to use this soap once to twice a week

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